For the rational among us there is not much room for the mystical. My great wish is to inspire my clients and students with the tangible experience of astrology, to illuminate the patterns of time and meaning so we can feel the connection to our universe and become aware of our dance within it.

I began my professional practice in 2015 and have been studying astrology since 2001 both in my hometown of Winnipeg, Canada and in London, UK where I lived for six years. I’ve had the great privilege of being taught by Sue Tompkins and Frank Clifford, whose dedication to accurate study and interpretation I admire and hope to emulate. I teach Introduction to Astrology – Levels 1 & 2, present regularly for the Manitoba Astrology Association and offer evening workshops out of Radiance Gifts in Winnipeg.

Shannon Rae | Unwilling Mystic

Unwilling mystic
You stand upside down, your feet
Planted on the sky

– Tracy Marks, Astrologer



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