Natal Chart Services

This one-hour consultation provides insights into the fundamental foundations of who you are – how do you process feelings, what do you need from relationships, how you think and what affects how people hear you…and so much more! Our conversation will go wherever you need it to and I will use the chart to help you understand yourself and what is going on in your life for the upcoming year. I will also share key dates with you so you can actively engage with the energies you’re swimming in. Please contact me if you’d like to know more!



If you’re looking for quick answers about what is at play right now, be it a specific situation or relationship, then this is the tool for you!

Astro*Dice are similar in principle to the Tarot but use astrological symbology to inform on the energies of the moment. Appointments can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and consist of a series of rolls that I’ll interpret for you in easy language. These dice are deceptively simple and clients are consistently surprised by their experience.

I read out of Radiance Gifts at 875 Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg on Sundays from 12-5! Walk-ins welcome or call 204-284-4231 to book an appointment. And, always, please feel free to get in touch!



Looking to learn astrology? Before you can dig in to the good stuff you need to know the language!

Intro Astrology

We’ll cover the meanings of the signs, planets, houses and aspects in a creative way that links to your own natal chart so you can learn about yourself while learning the astrological basics!

  • 4 Evening Classes

Intermediate Astrology

This course can be tailored to comfort level and interests of the participants and is a combination of interpretation techniques and intermediate knowledge. Previous topics have included Aspect Patterns, Parental Influences of the MC/IC, Chiron, Solar Arcs and the astronomical basis for positions of the Asc and MC. I am very flexible and will offer additional options once we gather together.

  • 6 Evening Classes

Please reach out if you would like more information!

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