“Mommy, I think those stars are leading me somewhere.”

We were at the park after dark and my son lay in the snow looking up at the sky.

“They are, honey.”


The sky is a universal reference point – a set of data we all agree on. Whether we decide to call Pluto a planet (we do) or panic that the constellation Ophiuchus has created a 13th sign (it hasn’t) is irrelevant to the position of planets and points in space on the day you were born. Continue reading “Navigation”

Intensity Overdrive

Wheels are spinning as brains frantically try to organize the raw emotional data collected over the last couple of weeks into some larger understanding of the big picture.

We’ve been immersed in thought and communication around deeply intense Scorpionic themes – death, passion, transformation, money, jealousy, loyalty, secrecy, intimacy – since Mercury moved into the sign on October 17, 2017. Now the planet associated with acquiring and making sense of information has moved into the What does it mean? What do I believe? and Where do I go from here? sign Sagittarius, where it will stay until January 2018*. It can be exhausting running the information through your head over and over again, and these aren’t the kind of questions that can be answered by picking apart the data. Continue reading “Intensity Overdrive”

The Big Drop – Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio2Dropping down into….what? Scorpio represents many things but mostly the thing you don’t ever want to look at. The one pushed so far down you don’t even realize it’s there. But that one thing, the one that makes us feel exposed, shamed or vulnerable…that is where your drop leads.

Does that seem scary? How could it not.

But Jupiter has faith. There is optimism and a desire to find meaning in the darkness. Imagine uncurling from this fetal position, how sensuous and healing that water would be. Imagine what can be discovered once you take control of the free fall and begin to swim. Imagine how many of us you will see down there with you. Continue reading “The Big Drop – Jupiter in Scorpio”

Hobnobbing with the Astrological Greats

I’ve just spent an incredible weekend in Seattle at the NORWAC conference, listening to astrologers renowned world over for their work in the field and new ones who are carving out their own areas of expertise. My mind is buzzing with ideas I can’t wait to put into action!

Finding the Pearls

You may have come across an astrology book, likely an easy-reader in the bookstore, and read your sun sign. I’m sure there were a few phrases that resonated an probably quite a few more you dismissed as generalizations.

This is not at all like looking at a full birth chart with some astrological understanding. Once you become familiar with the symbols and language of astrology the themes pop out like 3D Magic Eye images. Continue reading “Finding the Pearls”

Planetary Timing

Astrology is a many layered interpretive art and one of the most common and useful techniques to use with your natal chart is transits.

Transit is the name given to the continued movement of the planets above us. As they travel along their orbit they will occasionally make contact with our unique natal points, either directly or by an astrologically significant mathematical angle. These are a big deal. Even if you know nothing about astrology you will still experience the types of events or psychological development described by this contact and a little preparation will go a long way.

I need to make a quick sidebar. Continue reading “Planetary Timing”

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