“Mommy, I think those stars are leading me somewhere.”

We were at the park after dark and my son lay in the snow looking up at the sky.

“They are, honey.”


The sky is a universal reference point – a set of data we all agree on. Whether we decide to call Pluto a planet (we do) or panic that the constellation Ophiuchus has created a 13th sign (it hasn’t) is irrelevant to the position of planets and points in space on the day you were born.


This same sky was used to navigate around the globe, across vast oceans to unknown shores. The Sun, Moon and stars didn’t make things happen on the voyage, any more than the luminaries and planets in your astrological chart make things happen in your life. They are reference points with associated meanings that have been correlated through continued observation of people’s lives and experiences and can be used as a navigation tool. Not across the globe to distant lands but through the depths of your inner landscape.

It’s a fascinating world down there… worth exploring.

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