The Big Drop – Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio2Dropping down into….what? Scorpio represents many things but mostly the thing you don’t ever want to look at. The one pushed so far down you don’t even realize it’s there. But that one thing, the one that makes us feel exposed, shamed or vulnerable…that is where your drop leads.

Does that seem scary? How could it not.

But Jupiter has faith. There is optimism and a desire to find meaning in the darkness. Imagine uncurling from this fetal position, how sensuous and healing that water would be. Imagine what can be discovered once you take control of the free fall and begin to swim. Imagine how many of us you will see down there with you.

Jupiter stays in a sign for a full year and it just moved from relationship focused Libra to the psychological depths of Scorpio on October 10, 2017. Jupiter in Libra holds a conventional promise of growth and expansion through harmonious relationships…a promise unmet last year. Jupiter’s time in the sign of balance and due consideration was punctuated by its dance with Uranus*, the planet correlating to seismic shocks in the psyche. So, yes, we grew through our one to one connections and partnerships. But with the instantaneous push into a new reality characteristic of Uranus, so far removed from our comfort zone. Does it sound like I’m talking about you? I’m talking about me. And him. And her.

There is no better placement equipped to handle the healing and deep cleansing needed after this than Jupiter in Scorpio. The internal changes achievable over the next year would be limited by articulation and will be manageable only through connection to others – as private as Scorpio is this is not a solo journey.  As always, the choices are yours to make…swim safely.


* If you’re interested in tying it to your own life look to what was happening in the weeks surrounding each opposition between Jupiter and Uranus: December 26, 2016 / March 2, 2017 / September 27, 2017.

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