Finding the Pearls

You may have come across an astrology book, likely an easy-reader in the bookstore, and read your sun sign. I’m sure there were a few phrases that resonated an probably quite a few more you dismissed as generalizations.

This is not at all like looking at a full birth chart with some astrological understanding. Once you become familiar with the symbols and language of astrology the themes pop out like 3D Magic Eye images. We all have our own style and emphasis influenced by the branch of astrology we’ve studied under but there are certainly common techniques that astrologers use catch a pattern; a tally of elements and modes, chart shape, natural rulership relationships, hemisphere emphasis, etc, etc, etc….

“Leo” – Magic Eye

It’s a toolkit, and not every technique will work for each chart. But once you have enough practice you can crack any chart and say something useful.

But how can you be sure you’ve found a thread that will be visible in someone’s life?

3-legged stool

Herein lies the rule of three. If you see a message once, tuck it away for now. If that same message is said through another technique, start paying closer attention. If you see it a third time… well, you can be pretty sure that it’s an important factor in someone’s life.

So, by all means, keep reading those Sun sign columns…they’re fun and great conversation starters! But please, for the love of all things mystical, don’t confuse it with actual astrology.


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