Planetary Timing

Astrology is a many layered interpretive art and one of the most common and useful techniques to use with your natal chart is transits.

Transit is the name given to the continued movement of the planets above us. As they travel along their orbit they will occasionally make contact with our unique natal points, either directly or by an astrologically significant mathematical angle. These are a big deal. Even if you know nothing about astrology you will still experience the types of events or psychological development described by this contact and a little preparation will go a long way.

I need to make a quick sidebar.

The planets are not magical orbs that make something happen. They are not gods that dictate our lives. Rather they are like a celestial clock that we can time our lives by.

You know around noon you should eat, and so you prepare a meal. You don’t have to of course, but then you will be uncomfortable with hunger.

Astrologers haveĀ correlatedĀ the happenings here with the movements up there over millennia. We know that during a Saturn transit you are going to mature and that it will likely take time and you may feel frustrated. And so, we suggest that during this time you get in the mindset to work hard, to accept setbacks as part of the process, to muster your strength and continue because in these cases perseverance pays off. You don’t have to of course, but it makes the process easier.

plant in arid land - climate warming and drought  concept
Photo credit: Romolo Tavani

Life is about growth. Astrological timing techniques like transits, solar arcs and progressions are a tool to facilitate this process so you can make the most of the moment. Life can be a bit much sometimes, this makes it easier.


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